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You've got questions?

We've got answers!

  • Is this safe?
    Absolutely! Safety is always our number one priority! We provide you with your own expertly trained Axe Range Master to coach you group and make sure everyone has a fun and safe time! We custom build all of our trailers with safety in mind so no matter the event we are prepared to deliver a fun AND safe experience!
  • Is your company insured?
    ​​ Absolutely! Our Mobile Axe Throwing facility has full liability insurance through Cossio Insurance Agency. Believe it or not, Mobile Axe throwing facilities are pretty expensive to insure. Because of this many other facilities simply go uninsured which is an accident waiting to happen. Even if you dont go with us for your Axe throwing event please make sure your ultimate choice is properly insured. We are happy to provide you with our Certificate of Insurance and can alway add you as Additionally Insured for your event!
  • What are your prices?
    Brass tax, ok lets get down to it! So our custom mobile axe throwing trailers can transform between 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 lane setups depending on your event. We offer different pricing options so you never have to overpay! All of our rental options have a 2 hour minimum with discounted pricing available for additional hours if desired! 2 Lane Setup $325/Hour 3 Lane Setup $425/Hour 4 Lane Setup $450/Hour 6 Lane Setup $600/Hour 8 Lane Setup $775/Hour
  • Is there an age limit?
    While our insurance company requires to to maintain an age limit of 18+ for players, we have come up with custom options for younger players to participate and have fun as well! Speak with our booking team about our young adult throwing options!
  • Do I have to fill out a waiver?
    Our insurance requires every participating player to fill our electronic waiver. all participants will be required to show proof of having signed the waiver.
  • How far will you travel?
    Literally ANYWHERE! while most of our events are within the state of Texas, we are prepared to bring the ultimate mobile axe throwing experience anywhere in the country (or maybe even out of it!) We do not charge travel fees for any event within San Antonio. Any event outside San Antonio is subject to a travel charge. Give us a call or send us a message to get a custom, no pressure, event quote today.
  • Are you available for monthly or weekly events?
    Absolutely! Wether you're looking to entertain your current customers or bring in new ones, Smacking Axes has a plan for you! We offer discounted pricing for scheduling multiple events.
  • What should I wear?
    We reccomend players dress appropriately for the weather but be prepared! You will work up a bit of a sweat once the competition heats up. OUR INSURANCE REQUIRES ALL PLAYERS TO WEAR CLOSED TOED SHOES.
  • Are we allowed to have beer/wine?
    Of course! In fact we reccomend it! That being said, we do keep a close eye on our players and our axe range masters are responsible for everyones safety so we reserve the right to end your axe throwing session if we feel you are inebriated or a danger to yourself and those around you. Be safe and have fun.
  • What are the rules?
    Your personal Axe Range Master will cover all the rules with you before your throwing session. We have the following rules posted on the trailer in English and Spanish: Rules: Obey ALL staff instructions No open toe shoes-seriously Only one axe per target All players must retrieve axes at the same time No handing axes to other players No drunk players/unsafe behavior EVER No trick shots
  • What about bad weather?
    Our facility can operate through inclimate weather. Obviously heavy rain will make it unsafe to continue throwing sessions and we will do our best to work with the weather.
  • How big is the Mobile Axe Throwing Trailer?
    Our 2/3 target custom mobile axe throwing trailer by itself measures 26' long by 8' wide by 13' high. With the towing vehicle attached, the facility is then 50' long. For a 2 lane setup we require at least a 38'x8' space to operate. For a 3 lane setup we require at least a 30'x20' space to operate. Our 2/4/6/8 target custom trailer is 25' long. For the 2/4 target setup we recommend a 30' wide x 30' long area. for the 6/8 target setup we recommend a 40' wide x 30' long setup area.
  • How many people can your facility handle?
    Great question! With our multiple lane options we can handle a maximum of 600 people an hour! One of the great things about our setup is the flexibility! Most events we work with fall into one of two categories, large or small. Small could mean a group of 10-100 players with the same players competing through out the entire event meaning players get lots of coaching and experience! Larger events are defined as new players constantly participating with few repeats guests. Our staff is trained to adapt to varying busy times for events and work to keep the line moving and to keep your guests having fun! we can limit the throwing session times depending on how busy they are at any particular time. Our free throw session can accommodate a maximum of 600 players/hour. Speak with our booking team to organize a custom schedule that will work best for your event!
  • So we just throw axes? Thats it?
    We'll try not to take that personally! And no! Axe throwing is so much more than just throwing axes. We create cutom fun, memorable, exciting and team building events! you can choose between multiple game options or laid back free throw events, its all up to you!
  • Any other rental options?
    Our mobile entertainment company offers several other unique rental options for your event! We currently offer Mobile Escape Rooms, Mobile Mini Golf, Bubble Blastoff Foam Parties, Interactive games, 360 Photo Booths and more! With our mobile axe throwing trailer we can offer you several different game options including Axe Poker, Balloon Poppers, Free Throw sessions, High score, Horse, and League Throwing Options!
  • Can we get custom targets?
    Absolutely! You can choose custom ANYTHING! Our most popular option is choosing custom target Headers and Footers. Let our booking team walk you through setting up your perfect custom event!
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