Frequently asked questions

What sets us apart from other kit home suppliers?

As the founder of the business, we believe in the concept, that a Self Build assists the homeowner to achieve their individual dream and results in a home of their design and liking rather than accepting an off the shelf design from a bundle of other people's ideas. We believe that with the help of an architect and our very cost-effective pricing, collectively we can assist the owner to achieve their ideal home. The founder has spent a lifetime of 46 years with a passion to create good architecture and be different.

We are proud to offer choices rather than expensive options. What does this mean?

We believe in the expression, "what you see is what you get"!. Builders promote their designs through show homes and generally built in subdivisions. Rarely the expression "what you see is what you get" for the listed price is a fallacy. What you see in the display home is generally a different specification as to what the price list suggests and costly options are available as add-ons to the original list price. You will notice that our smaller home kits are more expensive per square meter than our larger designs, and the simple answer is we have the same quality inclusions in all our designs. Whether they are small or large in design, the area that is most expensive are, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries. Consequently, by adding rooms and open space they result in having a lower cost factor per square meter and affect the overall cost-effectiveness of a home. Please take the time to compare our pricing and when evaluated with all of our luxury inclusions with other suppliers, it will become patently clear that there is no comparison, either in design, originality, and price. We have had 46 years to practice being the best that there is.

Why do all of our designer home packages have double glazed windows -sliding-folding doors( if in design) and effective insulation!

We consider that your own home is your sanctuary away from the busy outside world. Sanctuary to us at SimplySELFBuild means alienating yourselves from the outside world, of noise and climatic conditions. Many homeowners resort to air-conditioning their homes, however, single glazed windows are not a good option as there is no resistance to outside weather conditions entering our home or preventing internal climatic conditions to escape as a result of single glazing or lack of insulation.

Why we do what we do!

There are some kit home companies whose prime aim is to the large volume suppliers. Many choose this path because they promote volume buying as a key factor in the cost of their kit over packages. This on the surface can appear to be a worthy goal to achieve. However, it also has its possible downsides in quality control, and service to customers. A new home is often the largest investment the average person makes in their life. We believe that our philosophy of being a small boutique Self build home package supplier, where personal attention and service is more important than profit and turnover. We also believe that a satisfied customer is our best asset.

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